About Us


Mux Management Consultants Limited provides human resource and management consultation, as well as Coaching and Mentoring, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Equal Pay Audit, HR Consultancy Advice, Job Evaluation, Leadership Development, Outsourced HR Services for individuals small and medium sized enterprise. We work diligently to attract, hire, develop and retain a diverse, competent and motivated workforce.


Mux Management Consultatants has developed value statements for each of six values: Customer Service, Growth, Diversity, Collaboration, Honesty & Openness, and Accountability & Trust.


Customer Service:

We respond to customer needs in a timely way.

We provide expert professional services as a business partner.

We develop a range of options with customers whenever possible rather than one single answer.

We balance creative ways to meet individual needs while keeping consistency across OED and meeting legal and business requirements.


We are dedicated to the growth and success of our customers.

We are proactive in developing ourselves professionally.

We provide leadership in how to manage and lead as changes occur.

We seek to model the values we encourage: respect, fairness, caring, openness.


We are dedicated in our efforts to attract and keep a diverse workforce.

We respect and honor each person’s individual dignity.

We promote the value that diversity adds to OED.


We seek out, honor and include multiple perspectives.

We share information on a “need to know” basis with respect for individual privacy and confidentiality.

We work as a team. When you work with one of us, you work with all of us.

We work to resolve problems at the lowest level.

Honesty and Openness:

We explore and develop issues objectively, fairly, and openly. We listen.

We are an advocate to assure employees are treated fairly and are safe in bringing concerns to us.

We promote open, safe, productive and fun workplaces.

Accountability and Trust:

We seek to work with employees from a foundation of trust and credibility.

We provide expert services to assure that all of us comply with federal, state, union contract and agency requirements.

We will be quick to admit an error, will correct the situation and learn from mistakes.

Our Role:

Meeting with a client's management teams and staff, discussing the business structure, operational  issues and requirements.

Providing an external viewpoint, analysing the client's requirements to come up with a detailed and appropriate business solutions.

Recommending ways to reduce costs and increase profits by examining areas like financial transactions, productivity, technology, staff volumes and training.

Modelling and mapping business processes, providing a cost benefit analysis of projects.

Presenting recommendations to senior management and agreeing project schedules and budgets.

Overseeing the implementation of projects, working closely with in-house staff.

Determining staffing needs, overseeing the preparation of job descriptions, drafts advertisements and interviewing candidates.

Oversees the monitoring of employee performance and career development needs.

Examining and reporting on company and departmental structures, chains of command, information.

Considering and recommending alternative work procedures to improve productivity;


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